Easy DIY Doll House Plans

Welcome my dear readers!! I hope you will be alright. I am very glad to see you every time here in my diary. Today I am going to show you how you can simply create an easy Dollhouse for your little girl. As you know every baby girl wants to play with her dolls and for which she wants to make a lovely Dollhouse. So, here I bring a wonderful plan for making your child happy by gifting her a dollhouse on her birthday. Hope so you will enjoy a lot.

Here in the picture above, you can see the wonderful Dollhouse, which has several portions and exactly decorated like a real house. So, let’s take a review of the entire house.

First of all, let’s talk about the door and the windows. You can see how beautifully the entire house has painted with contrast. The door is painted black and the rest of the strips and grill has painted white. The roof is of brick color. The mat placed in front of the door looks amazing. Everything looks realistic.

Outdoor and a rocking chair makes a beautiful combination.

It is the best way to keep the house balance which helps in turning it around, so your little girl will play easily and comfortably with her new house.

Wow!! It’s the whole view of the house, which looks so real and amazing. You can see each and every portion of the house which has been decorated like a real house.

Let’s take a start from the top portion. It is the little girl and her baby room.

Now you can see clearly the Black wallpaper which is used for making the stunning look of the room. You can use scrapbook paper for the wallpaper. Plus, you can decorate the baby room’s wall with the help of alphabets which is a great idea for seeking knowledge I think.

Now let’s move toward the other side of the room. Here you can see the beautiful setting of the room.

This is the mom and dad room. The furniture used in this room provides a stunning look to the surrounding. I hope you will prefer it.

As you know this is the toilet but what I am going to show you here is again the wallpaper. Once again you can use the scrap paper for the wallpaper.

This is the family room, or you can call it a living room.

You can notice how amazingly the walls and fireplace have been painted and decorated. That’s too sweet!!

Wow!! Finally, the main portion of the house came. Yeah, the kitchen and amazing cupboards. The green color used for the cupboards is just amazing.

Amazingly handmade stitched mat increases the beauty of the surrounding.

Here you can notice the word “Eat” which has been written on the wall. I think it is the best idea you can use for highlighting the purpose of the area.

Finally, an easy and beautiful Dollhouse is ready. I hope your little girl would love to play with it. So, don’t forget to like and share. Please add a comment too.

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  1. Did you do all of the components yourself or was this a ‘ready-made’ manufactured Doll house that you had to assemble?

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