Awesome Hanging Shelves DIY Projects

Hello, my dear readers!! I am very glad to see you every time here in my diary. Today I will talk about the main problem of every household which is scattering of storage. For this purpose, I bring an idea of making awesome Hanging DIY shelves for your home through which you can keep your storage at one place in a very respectable manner. I choose hanging shelves because they are easy to build and design. So, let’s take a start with me.

Awesome DIY Hanging shelves:

This DIY Project is so easy and simple to design and build. You’ll need a leather strip, a wood board, ribbed plastic anchors, bronze gold paint, painter’s tape, and a drill. First of all, paint the sting of the board golden then drill holes within the leather and finally screw the strip to the board.

Now let’s move toward the next idea and design of building a hanging shelf.

This style is little same as previous solely supplies used in this project are totally different that include a bunch of PVC pipes or another reasonably bars or rods. These are going to be used as a base for the shelf. The rope is used to hold the shelf on the wall when hooks were put in there.

With every turn, you would get a new and great design to look at. As you can see how beautifully this shelf has been designed and the arrangement is great too. The supplies needed during this project include rope, wood shelves, a drill, paint within the color of your selection and two hooks. Thread the rope ends through the holes of the primary shelf and makes a knot underneath the shelf. Finally, thread them through the bottom shelf and tie a knot once more.

Wow!! a touch of black but trendy shelf design you’ll see here. The accessories needed for this design are 20 cm wide and one.8 cm thick pine board, wheelbase, and nylon rope, pencil, and ruler for the measure saw, and drill for cutting and drilling, paper and lighter.

First of all, you need to Saw 2 shelves from the board, first 92 cm longer and ordinal 59 cm shorter.

Then cut a pair of pieces of a chunk of 110 cm and a piece of sixty-five cm.

Finally, Drill a hole about 2 centimeters from the sting at every corner of the shelves. Build massive holes sufficiently big to induce your string threaded through.

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