Easy Home Storage Solutions and DIY Ideas

Home storage DIY Ideas

Nothing looks nice as a well-organized house which is only possible through clever storage ideas and there’s no such thing as enough storage space. But unfortunately, not all of us have enough closets and clever built-in cabinetry. If your house is overloaded with clutter, it’s time to look into matter in order to solve the problem. There are several creative ways to store all your stuff. Have you huge stuff or bear shortage of space at home?

Here are a few basic rules to follow for home storage to de-clutter your home.

  1. First of all, know well about the volume of your storage space.  It’s always essential to choose a storage space before you start de-cluttering.
  2. Prefer square containers, they are always a better option due to their vast Volume. Round containers provide less space and never fit flush against a wall.
  3. Plastic containers are best for long time storage but don’t get those cheap containers made by low quality raw plastic as they got damaged soon.
  4. We recommend nesters as nesters are containers that stack well together.

And they’re both beautiful and useful.

  1. Sets have only one container of each size, which often doesn’t match actual space, so, do not buy sets. Usually it’s best to size containers based on what you’re storing.

Here are storage tips/ suggestions for each place within home.

1-Bedroom Storage Solution

You have to store your clothes, books and other bedtime essentials here. From finding space for wardrobes to labelling tips that make it clear where everything lives, take your direction from innovative bedroom storage ideas and get organized. Bedroom storage hacks and solutions are very common. A quick Google search will find a lot of storage ideas to assist you, as we’re all tight on space.

2-Kitchen Storage DIY Hacks

If you’re facing shortage of space at kitchen, it’s time to try out the drawers, cabinets, and island utilizing some space-saving solutions. You just have to rethink those corners, and you’ll found the usable space at counter. Here is an example of innovative, stylish and strategic kitchen storage.


3-How to Organize your Garage

Intentionally or not, your garage often becomes the scrap ground for everything as there are so many home and garden essentials outdoor toys, and so on that need to be stored, your garage is the most practical place. To make your space as functional and clutter-free as possible, incorporate these garage store ideas to have a well-organized garage. So, give these clever space-saving organization ideas a try, ranging from pegboard wall hanging organizers to vertical bike racks, to make room for what really matters.


4-Bathroom Storage DIY Tips

Bathroom is the place where you wash, it’s only place that you try your best to make it the neat most room in your house. Give everything makeup, cleaning products, extra linens, and more a home to keep your everyday essentials at your fingertips by incorporating these small bathroom storage ideas. While these ideas relate to different styles and spaces, most of these space-saving tricks have one thing in common. They incorporate the most of vertical spaces as under the wash hand basin, above the door to bring shelves, cabinets and other storage spaces into a tiny room.

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