How to buy steam cleaner

Top Factors To Consider While Buying a New Steam Cleaner

Days are gone when you need to use a traditional vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets and floors. A traditional vacuum cleaner can remove dust and other small particles but it can’t give you the sparkling clean floor. Now a steam cleaner is the best choice for many homeowners as it provides ease while cleaning floors, carpets, or even upholstery.

There are many different kinds of steam cleaners are available that including simple steam cleaners and steam mops as well. Some may think that mop is not the best option as it needs cleaning itself. A lot of germs and bacteria can also deposit on the mops but you don’t need to worry about it.

Replacement steam mop pads are the perfect solution to this problem. So either you are buying a simple steam cleaner, or a steam mop, you will enjoy the cleaning process and you will love your cleaned sparkling floors as well.

When you are going to buy a steam cleaner, make sure that you consider these factors before making a final choice:

Size and Weight

Different sizes are available in the steam cleaner for commercial and domestic use. The weight of the cleaner depends on the size and model. You have to decide whether you need a lightweight cleaner that you can easily carry with you while doing the cleaning work, or you need a heavy-weight cleaner that can give the best performance for commercial use.

If you feel that it is difficult to carry a heavy steam cleaner, then you should go for a lighter one. One more thing that you should consider is the dimensions. You should know the dimensions and size as you should know where will you keep that when not in use. You should have enough storage space in your store to keep the steam cleaner while not in use.

Water Tank Size

Another thing that is important is the size of the water tank. No water means no steam. Some cleaners with a smaller water tank are available with lightweight steam cleaners while some have big water tanks.

If you buy a cleaner with a small water tank, then you can start working quickly as it needs less time to heat it and start generating steam. But the downside is that it will end up quickly.

On the other hand, if you choose one with a bigger water tank, then it will last longer and you can clean all your house in one go. But cleaner will take more time to heat up the water in the bigger water tank, so you will have to wait for a long time. S0, decide for yourself what actually more comfortable for you.

Attachments & Accessories


Different types of accessories and attachments are required to sanitize and clean different types of surfaces. Some companies provide very basic types of attachments with the steam cleaner or steam mop. While there are some companies that provide extra steam mop accessories.

So while buying, first look at the box or ask the seller to provide you full information about the attachments and accessories you are going to get with your brand new steam cleaner.

Pressure and Temperature

Pressure and temperature are again the two most important factors to consider while buying a steam cleaner. You have to check that at how much temperature, the steam cleaner you are going to buy, will generate steam. You also need to know what will be the pressure of the steam that it generates.

More temperature means more pressure and more pressure means you will get a high level of a clean surface. It will kill more germs and will sanitize your floors more efficiently. But keep that in mind that a cleaner with high pressure and temperature will cost you more.

Cost of Steam Cleaner

The final and might be the most important thing to consider for many buyers is the cost of the steam cleaner. It totally depends on your budget and your requirement. You can afford it, you should go with a better brand that can maintain high pressure and temperature and comes with more accessories and attachments. In case you are going for a cordless steam cleaner, then you should consider its battery capacity as well.

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