DIY Button RIng

Easy Rings Craft Ideas

Rings have long since become an indispensable part of fashion accessories .The custom of giving and receiving finger rings dates back over approximately 6000 years. Women and men all around the world had wore finger rings since olden times and that tradition has continued to this day. Only now people creativity has evolved and they create more interesting and different ring copies. Your hands are in spotlight every day, so they deserve to be decorated and dressed up with some beautiful hand jewelry.

There are so many creative options for rings that you will certainly like our fun and easy ring craft. The different materials you can use for this purpose, such as ring frames, wires, multicolored stones, glitter and zircons, buttons and everything you seem useful. If you have an old ring that you are bored and not attractive anymore, you can decorate it and renew it to look like you bought a new one.

The easiest way to make rings is to use wires, with a help of pliers curve the wire to make a wanted shape. You can make love and heart ring sign, sign for infinity or you may use one unique stone to decorate the ring. If you are patient and you have more time, you can create blue ombre stones ring. You need to make a little hole on every stone and pull the wire try to connect all stones.

For glitter ring use frame in wanted shape like mustache or some other that you can find in store and create modern sparkle finger ornament. Also you may use pearls to make lady chick ring decoration.
Have fun and make some easy ring craft.

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