DIY Old Pallet Mirror

DIY Multi-Purpose Pallet Furniture

The girls like to put makeup and it’s very important for them to have their own place where they will be able to hold and sort the makeup and other things they are using when they are preparing themselves. But to make everything look ornamental and organized they need one incredible makeup desk or table, so they can find fast all necessary things they use when they are going on meetings or celebrations.

You don’t need to buy expensive and luxury desk and table, when you can make one on your one by using the recycled wood pallet. Before people find out how pallets can be useful in their homes, pallets had only use and purpose in marine industry. Pallets are very widespread and can be found easily anywhere, so you will not have a problem to get them. On top of all pallets are very cheap, so you do not need to spend a lot of money on your interesting wooden furniture creations.

Besides the wood pallets in this project you will need nails, saws and hammers. Make a sketch of the table you want to create and start working. First you need to make a pallet planks of appropriate size using the saw. Then, begin to connect one by one wood plank with nails. Finally, add a mirror for which you can make a frame and it’s up to you to decide whether you will attach mirror to the table, whether you will hang it on the wall or lean on the makeup desk.

You can leave the pallet makeup table that way if you prefer natural and rustic look, or you can paint it with some bright or pastel colours to look more stylish and modern. That way you will get your makeup vanity table that will help you to organize everything and make it transparent.

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