DIY Bow Make Up Organize

Easy Ways To Organize Your Make up

Every girls loves to put make up, so they like to try all kind of products as lipsticks, powders, eye shadows, lip glosses and blushes, but they don’t know where and how to arrange everything. The best option for you is to organize make up and not to live in chaos, because it’s so much easier and faster to make right combination for date or daily walk if you have special partition or box to pack same kind of products.

You have some really cheap and inexpensive ideas to create make up organizers. Which project you will choose depends on your creativity and your possibilities. There are some easier and harder ways to make your organizer. When you find the right one for your make up, you have to prepare all needed materials, boxes, plastic bottles, jars and other item that you have and you think that will be appropriate for this assignment.

If you have unused jars, that’s great chance for making make up brushes holder. Decorate empty jars with coffee beans, or you can also use decorative colorful stones,  and your jar organizer is ready and you can put your brushes in it. Make some beautiful note like “Good morning gorgeous”, that will bring you smile in the morning . Use cardboard and make barriers in it to organize same make up products and seal some interesting materials to look more pretty. You can also make a wall organizer that will function by using magnets and make everything transparent. Find some colorful plastic bottles, cut then and fix that cut part with iron, the result will fascinate you. Have fun and be organized.

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