DIY Wooden Divider

DIY Pallet Room Dividers

If you want to maximize space in your house, to enclose small room to look bigger, than DIY pallet room dividers is perfect project for you. First good thing about this idea is that this is going to give to your department great decorating focus point and the second advantage is that it will prove you to make two rooms instead of having only one.

The easiest and cheapest way to make room divider is to use wooden pallets. First they were used only in marine industry, but people realized that pallets can be more useful and they started applying it in their homes. Wooden pallets are so easy to find, they are inexpensive and highly represented everywhere. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve magnificent and fabulous results, and tutorials are so simple that you can do everything by yourself.

It’s very important to find the best option for your home and then to prepare tools and pallets. How big  divider you want to make depends of the room you want to separate. Room dividers offer you privacy, boundaries and flexibility. You can create moveable which you can step a side if you plan to make party or attach it to the floor and wall. Also you can make one that passes the lighting or to completely obscure the room.

To get modern and fashionable look, colour wood pallet with white, or choose pink for chick and girly appearance. But you don’t need to paint it if you are more for rustic old wood appearance. You can leave them empty or you can decorate room pallet divider with paintings , world maps, different kind of ornaments and books. If it’s stable and can hold something heavy, put your TV. We hope that we inspired you to redefine your space.

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