Eid decoration projects

Eid Mubarak DIY Home Decoration Ideas – Easy Decor Projects

Eid is just around the corner. It is the most significant religious event Muslims celebrate worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether they living in Asia, Europe, Africa, or America, Muslims celebrate Eid with family and friends. For Muslims, the biggest attractions on this day are wearing new clothes, family get-togethers, and decorating the homes. Same as the Christmas decorations, Muslims also decorate their home for this auspicious event ‘Eid.’ Therefore, today I’ve come up with some latest home decoration ideas you can follow this Eid. Continue reading to learn the latest Ramadan decoration ideas for this Eid-al-Fitr.

Eid decoration projects

Eid Decoration Ideas Homemade

Here are some easy DIY projects that you can do with your kids to make this Eid event more joyful. These inspiring home decoration ideas will help you celebrate this EID in a more energetic way.

1- Build a DIY Mosque

Eid Decoration Ideas Homemade

Muslim’s Eid day starts with praying in the Mosque or at an open place. As a housewife, you can build a DIY mosque in your living room as it is the best Eid decoration idea. It is the most inspiring DIY project you should follow this Eid. The best thing about this is that your kids will encourage towards praying at home. For this, you can use cardboard and MDF. I agree that it is a bit difficult idea but you can watch a tutorial on YouTube.

2- DIY Eid Wreath

Eid DIY projects

A few months ago, I saw a picture of an Eid wreath on Instagram. I was very impressed with this cheap DIY decor idea and planned to design a beautiful door wreath this Eid. All you need to do is arranged the flowers in a circular shape and hang them on the door with an ‘Eid Mubarak’ sticker in the center.

3- DIY Eid Dinner Table

Best Eid decoration idea

Eid is a special event where Muslims have dinner get-togethers with family members and friends. You can create a DIY Eid dinner table to make this religious event memorable. All you need to do is buy moon star decoration pieces from the nearest shop and place them on your dinner table. It would be the best Eid table decoration idea that will add more joy and taste to your family get-together.

4- DIY Wall Decoration Idea

home decoration ideas for Eid

On this Eid, you can decorate your living room wall with a common Eid Mubarak theme. It is one of the best home decoration ideas you should follow this year. You won’t need any heavy budget for this. Buy some Eid decoration pieces made up of cardboard and hang them on the wall. A beautifully designed wall with unique eid decoration pieces will give you more joy and inner satisfaction.

5- DIY Eid Party Gifts

DIY Eid-al-Fitr gifts

A gift could be the best thing you can present to your loved ones to make any occasion memorable. On this Eid, you can make your own DIY Eid gifts with minimum hard work. Wrap your gift in stylish velvet paper and add a golden moon star on the top. It is the easiest DIY craft you can make at home this Eid.

6- DIY Eid-al-Fitr Gift Tags

DIY eid decoration ideas

7- DIY Eid Bunting Flags

Eid decoration hacks

Homemade Eid-al-Fitr Celebration Decoration Ideas

So now you have read all the best DIY eid decoration ideas. Follow these easy DIY hacks this Eid and make this religious event more memorable. Also, do not forget to share your favorite home decoration idea for this eid in the comment section below.

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