Excellent Baby Gift Ideas for 2021

Taking care of a baby can be overwhelming. New parents especially need all the help that they can get. If you have a close friend or family who recently received a new bundle of joy, giving them something useful is one of the simple ways through which you can make their life easier.

You can get them online or from reputable baby boutique shops like The Enchanted Child. Below are some ideas to help you choose a great gift.

Baby Clothes

Babies can get messy, especially when eating. They need to have a fresh set of clothes ready. Anytime they start swiping the spoon or blowing in their food, a clean set of clothes must be available. And considering how active and playful babies can get, they need lots of clothes.

By giving them baby clothes as gift items, you can help them out a lot. From long-sleeved bodysuits and cute grow suits to baby rompers, you have a variety of options to choose from. You can also go for sleeper gowns, hats, socks, shoes, leggings, shorts, or shirts. You can also consider buying boots for babies.

Just make sure that the clothes are made from natural materials that would not cause allergies or any other health issues. Babies skin is extremely delicate and vulnerable to most synthetic materials.

Reputable baby boutique shops like The Enchanted Child have clothes made from organic cotton and elastane blends, which are extremely popular for being soft and comfortable.

Baby Toys

For babies to develop properly, they need sensory stimulation. In the first few months, the baby’s grip is still too weak to hold on to toys. At this stage, a great gift idea would be something colorful that can be hung over the crib or a toy with reflective surfaces where the babies can see themselves.

By the fourth month, the baby seeks sensory experiences where they start relating to their surroundings. At this stage, rattles, colorful plastic keys, and other similar toys would be ideal.

As babies approach 12 months, they become more agile and mobile. At this age, simple toys that have buttons to push or cords to pull would be great. Dolls and animal toys would also make for great baby gifts.

When choosing a toy for a gift, make sure that it is safe for the baby. Find out all the information about the toy before buying and purchase only from reputable baby boutique shops like The Enchanted Child.

Muslin Wraps

One of the simple joys for parents is wrapping their babies in a bundle and watching them sleep comfortably. You can be a part of this experience by gifting them with soft and comfortable muslin wraps.

To make sure that it is safe for the baby, choose organic baby wraps that are breathable and soft to touch. It will help the baby sleep better, which is essential for their development. The muslin baby wrap can also be used as a light blanket, baby mat, comforter, or a nursing shield.

Other Baby Essentials

Babies need a lot of care, and this requires a lot of baby essentials. This includes colorful bibs that can keep them clean while feeding and stimulating their brain functions. Rubber dummies, on the other hand, can help promote teething.

The parents would appreciate extra diapers. Bathing essentials such as towels and baby soaps would also be useful. You can get several items and put them together in one gift basket.

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