amazing landscapes

Fabulous Mabote House is built among Trees

There are so many amazing landscapes in the world but few of these really deserve to be appreciated. Located in South Africa and designed by Nicholas Plewman Architects, Mabote House is also one of these beautiful landscapes. The house is surrounded by wonderful scenic views and enjoys a melodious relationship with its surrounding landscapes. All the natural elements have been wonderfully prioritized throughout the project as there are accent features like wood bar stools or stone fireplace enabling to pull the outdoor in together with the large windows.

amazing landscapes


To invite the inhabitants outdoor, there is whole array of spaces which have been designed organically to extend the indoor spaces. These spaces include terraces, covered verandas spread around the house and on separate area nearby the house. There is also large sunken seating area embedded into the wooden deck and swimming pool which is raised above ground leveled with the deck. It is pertinent to mention that its pre-planned to accommodate any existing trees as well as the scenic landscape.





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