Ultraluxurious Glamper Astella blurs the line between Modular Home and Caravan

By introducing its swankiest caravan Astella , Slovenian RV maker Adria has ups the camping game to next level. Designed to travel from campsite to campsite or plant roots and serve as a more permanent nature cabin, Adria has consolidated the expertise of its prefab home and RV divisions in Astella. No doubt it’s a cushy living pod that features modern comforts within its spaces.

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“Rather than start with a good benchmark product like a regular caravan, we started with a deep dive into the holiday experience we wanted to deliver,” explains Erna Povh, Astella project leader. “The result is a really innovative and unique home. Some would view it as a caravan, albeit a luxurious one. Others see it in the same light as a mobile home, a static caravan if you like. Whatever you decide to call it, think of it as your own luxurious holiday home, set down where you most like to spend your time but moveable at the end of the holiday season or when you want to change the location.”

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Either at home or on rolling holidays, owner will be enjoying an effortlessly sleek, stylish piece of nomadic living. Astella features a stretched rectangular body with smooth corners and bright edge lighting on its face. It is boxy without being bored. Its panoramic French doors open wide to bring the outdoor inside.

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Interior of Astella glossy shell is built from wood while exterior is built from polyester with foam insulation. With a floorspace of 9-m, Astella serves as luxurious couple’s retreat while accommodating four people to sleep. The rear bedroom has a transverse spring bed, storage cabinets and nightstands. There is dry bathroom in front of bedroom divided into a port toilet and starboard shower.

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Further the main living area is a wonderful combination of homestyle living room with expanded kitchen. The traditional dinette has been replaced with an L shaped couch sitting across from a media center with glassware curio and TV.

Astella has Wi-Fi hotspot and optional MACH (Mobile Artificial-intelligence Communication Hardware) mobile app in order to fully control the cabin at your fingertips. The things like lighting, onboard climate, fridge setting, battery, water and gas can be fully controlled and monitored through this app. The also features trailers manuals, leveling information and points of interest (POI) navigation.

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As per price list shown at the Caravan Salon, the 2020 Astella 704 HP starts at €54,499, the 754 DP at €53,499 and the 904 HP at €59,999. The show model that you can see more of in the gallery is a 754 DP optioned modestly up to €55,276.

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