DIY BEd Frame ideas


To move high priced, heavy furniture from one place to another resulted only in your tensions so presenting you light weight, easy to shift and most of all not burden on your pocket  DIY furniture bed frames.

These Stylish and functional frame are durable. Floyd bed set is a range designed for less space apartments and high stories flats. Shifting with heavy weight wooden or steel furniture just only return in your physical and economical loss. So the product range aim is to giving flexibility to the owner for shifting as well adjustable at  less space.

There is a panel provided for resting the matters are made with honeycomb technology making them lighter then plywood but equally as sturdy. The center clips links two platform panels together. The end clips braces the outer edges of a platform panel. A bracing strap pulls the clips and platform panel together.

So easy structural bed frames available on less budgets ready to use and add beauty and grace to your room.

Easy moveable bedframe

DIY light bed designs

light-weight bed ideas DIY BEd Frame ideas




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