Yurt Retreat

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The yurt retreat is one of these instantly likable places. Once you are settled into your yurt, you will feel you were miles away from the noise of the city.

These are located at the base of an ancient hill fort in Somerset, England, the yurt retreat is an eco retreat that includes four yurts and a communal lodge. It’s most recent addition is a bird house, a solar powered tree house style dwelling that was part built using local and reclaimed materials.


birdhouse-tiny-treehouse-3Lands bird house covering area estimated of 30 sq m. wooden stilts supported it to stand above the ground. They were constructed facing east to utilize more and more sunlight. The basic aim of the structure is totally blended with surroundings, the vast greenery. By boring water reach to the taps. While electricity is provided by a 50 KW solar array on nearby farm buildings. Main connection is also wired in.



Yurts are furnished with private bathrooms, luxury showers farmhouse kitchen and the comfy lounge. Furniture, including the bed and the table are artistically developed from branches and boards.


You can get pleasure from the sun rise and the sunset while sitting in your yurt. It is a magical place to truly unwind and get away from the stresses of working life.


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