DIY fruit gardens

Grow your fruits and Veg indoor with iHarvest

What will you feel if you get fresh veggies precisely whenever you need without going outside your home? Thanks to IGWorks for making a bid for your living space with a vertical hydroponics garden named as iHarves enabling you to grow up to 30 fruits and vegetables in your living place.

its fully automated indoor hydroponic gardens

iHarvest requires a floor space of 2.5 sq ft to grow fresh fruits and veg for a year. It also includes leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers and fruit like strawberries, watermelon and even beans.

All the existing systems were either too small to grow real food or too ugly to enjoy with your family and friends,” said Dave Stevens of California-based IGWorks. “We knew that the answer lied in hydroponics; however, the existing systems were either unattractive, cumbersome, costly or challenging to use. I wanted an attractive, indoor garden that could easily fit into the smallest apartment, while also providing enough produce to help feed a family year-round.”

grow fruits and veg indoor

Using 20 times less water, its pesticides and herbicides free fruits and veg growing that enables kitchen gardeners to harvest crops up to 50 % faster than traditional outdoor vegetable growing method.

growing fruits and vegetable indoor

Non-GMO seeds are placed into a growing medium and then pods are placed into the self-contained vertical garden, then adding water and then waiting for harvest time.

diy fruits and vegetable gardens

Trellis support system is installed for growing hangers like squash and cucumber, low maintenance unit gets just 70 W of power, its fully automated whereas full spectrum LED lights enables growers to control over sunrise and sunset cycles but system is not dependent of favorable weather to produce a bumper crop.  

DIY fruit gardens

Each iHarvest contains 50 net cups, growing medium, seeds and nutrient starter kit (presumably IGWorks will cater for subsequent stock replenishment too). Further below video has more for your and shipping is expected to start in September.

iHarvest growers begin by popping a non-GMO seed into the growing medium


The seeded growing medium is placed in a net cup and placed in an available pod on the front of the iHarvest


After placing net cups containing seeded growing medium into the iHarvest’s pods, users need to keep the water reservoir topped up



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