Ha Long Villa is Vo Trong Nghia’s Latest House for Trees Series

Founded by Vo Trong Nghia in 2006, VTN Architects (Vo Trong Nghia Architects) is a leading architectural firm in Vietnam with offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. VTN architects comprise modern design values to create green architecture of this age through utilizing local, natural building materials and by experimenting with light, wind and water. VTN Architects have strong collaboration with Wind and Water House JSC, a construction company specializing in green buildings construction, to obtain designs of high quality in Vietnam.

The firm has recently completed a residential unit dubbed Ha Long villa from its House of trees series. The villa includes trees that are appearing out of a concrete house, the project is located at Ha Long, northeast of the capital Hanoi, Vietnam. Focus of the design is on local weather and situation of street life, enabling inhabitants to get rid of heat and street noise.


This is six storied villa measuring 12800 sq ft(1190 sq m) area, ground floor include double entrance, parking space and an entertainment room. First floor comprise an attached bathroom lounge area, dining area and a kitchen. Upper four floors feature six bedrooms with same no’s of bathrooms and the house keeps a garden terrace on roof which has dozens of plants.

“The main concept of the house is to create space where people can live in a forest,” says Vo Trong Nghia Architects. “In creating a surrounding forest, the house is comprised of a pentagon within a pentagon that establishes spatial layers of interior and semi-exterior spaces filled with greenery. This composition creates deep shadows as part of the double skin green facade against the hot tropical climate. This buffer space between the interior and exterior spaces protect the house against the hot climate and noise.”

The building has been done in smooth finished concrete / wood and wide openings has been provided on each floor to get more daylight and fresh air inside. The architect has provided balanced stairs to enable owner walking up and down comfortably. According to firm, the design of the villa could be copied anywhere in tropical regions because of its uniqueness, simplicity and sustainability.


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