How to take Care of your Mental Health During Covid-19 Disaster

As on Wednesday March 25, over three billion people around the world are forced to lock-down and social distancing. Most of the countries have introduced some kind of home confinement measure, from mandatory lock-downs enforced by police or military.

As on March 28, 2020, according to BBC 600,000 patients have been reported and death rate has touched  figure of 27360 throughout the world.

A situation of fear and stress has been developed throughout the world due to deadly  Covid-19.How to keep alive senses and look after our mental health? Let us see.

1-Trust in God

Keep strong trust in God, pray to God and excuse for  you sins, believe that God is with you in every situation and  will do better for you.

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2-Plan your day

As normal routine of life is off and we have instructed to stay at our houses, in this situation only few persons can work from home. Make a plan to spend your whole day at home  and try your best to follow.

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3-Get close to nature-if you can

In situation of stress get close to nature if you can, in early in the morning, try to spend some time at your back yard or even at terrace .Nature relives stress and eases yourself.

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4-Improve your Sleep

Due to change in daily routine you may face difficulty in sleeping, aim to go to bed and get up at same time every day like usual day life .There are lot of activities that can improve your sleep. Do not use mobile, laptop or TV just before sleep time, turn off all these devices about 1 hour before bed time.

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5-Get Connected

When you feel alone at home connect to your co-workers, friends and relatives. Think positive and encourage others in this situation, you will feel more supported, relaxed and satisfied.

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6-Get news from Reliable Sources

Do not put ear on fake news, get news only from reliable TV channels and websites. Select a specific time to watch news bulletins instead of  watching news non-stop.

7-Breath Well

Breathe deeply, in this way your body will get enough oxygen, your blood get oxygen and you feel much better.

8-Physical Exercise

Include physical exercise in your daily routine, you can do this indoor, at back yard or even at terrace.This will strengthen your body resulting to boost your immunity.

9-Do usual home activities

Take interest in indoor activities, home cleaning is a productive activity it relives stress and make you happy. It is also good according to  hygiene point of view and better way to spend time at home.

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