DIY Reclaimed Wood Shoe Organizer

Handmade Reclaimed Wood Shoe Organizer with Pipe Stand Legs

If you ask me how many pair of shoes I do have, I would say I don’t know. I can’t count the shoes I have on one hand which means I have a lot of sues. Whenever I see a beautiful pair of shoe in the market, I simply need to buy that shoe.

It means I am obsessed with the shoes and recently I realized that I need new storage space to keep my shoes safe. It was because my closet doesn’t offer more space to keep my new shoes.

reclaimed wood DIY Shoe Rack

Because of this craze, I had to have more storage space for shoes. Since I am a DIY lover, so I was looking for different ideas to make a new DIY shoe organizer or shoe rack. Then I decided to work on one and I am going to share the experience here with you.

If you also love to buy the new shoes just like me, then you will love this DIY shoe organizer idea. No matter if you need the shoe organizer for your own collection or if you need to keep the shoes of your kids having mud on them in a separate place, this shoe organizer will provide you all the solutions.

Make DIY Reclaimed Wood Shoe Organizer

The best way to make your own DIY wooden shoe organizer is by using the reclaimed wood. You can use the pallets as well to make this amazing hand made shoe rack.

For this purpose you need the following items:

  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Hand Saw
  • Pipes and Elbows
  • Screws

DIY Wood Shoe Organizer

When you have all the equipment, now you have to start the procedure. The first thing that you should decide is what should be the length of your shoe organizer and how many shelves are required. There is no hard rule for this, you have to decide this as per your own requirement.

Once you have decided the measurements, not you have to cut your pallets or the reclaimed wood to meet your requirements. You can use a hand saw to cut this wood, if you feel it difficult you can use a jigsaw as well for this purpose.

You can use the wood files to make the wooden planks more smooth. You can also paint the wood if required. Check these 4 must-have power tools for DIY projects.

If you paint the wood then wait for at least 10 to 12 hours before moving further. Then you have to take the pipes and cut the pipes according to the height of your rack. You can cut the pipe using a hand saw or if you want to make it even easier, then a hacksaw will be the best choice.

Use the screws to arrange all the planks and make your own hand made reclaimed wood shoe organizer.

Reclaimed Wood DIY Shoe Organizer

Make DIY Reclaimed Wood Shoe Organizer

Look how simple it was? If you need to buy this from some good store, you have to spend almost 200$. If lucky enough, you can buy this on a special event at half price. But if you make it yourself, then it costs you only 20$ to 30$.

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