Modern and Cool Micro House Projects

With the passage of time people living style is changing rapidly. Either it’s by need or by choice; now people want to live in their own style. Now people want a luxurious living style but living near nature. If we talk about living style then we can’t ignore our living place. From stone ages till day, people have built so many structures of different types and styles.

micro house designs

People left the caves and built house of bricks and mud then built the building and apartments. Now, either you agreed or not people are again moving back to nature but with some luxurious living places. These shelters are different in styles but best place to live outside and exploring outdoor.

I ever wish to have a living shelter in a forest and explore natural beauty living near nature. There is no best place to live outside like a micro house. Here are some wonderful and luxurious micro house projects for you.

Slim Fit

Slim Fit is a 4 meter wide micro house in Netherland. Designed by Ana Rocha Architecture, Slim Fit is an amazing micro house located in Almere Poort. The entire frame has been built in just two days providing 50 sq meter of living space with three floors.

The Koda House

The Koda House is tiny prefab cabin, built less than a day and designed by Kodasema. The house a floorspace of 25 sq meters and requires no foundation. It can be easily relocated.

Stylish Vipp Shelters

Vipp prefab structures are so amazing with cool features like sleeping lofts, height-sliding glass doors, and floor to ceiling windows letting natural light indoor.

9 Sq Meters Hut by Muji

This hut blurs the line between own holidays house and casual trip camping. Although it has a floor space of 9 sq meters but its amazingly airy and bright inside. It can be easily moveable to different locations to enjoy explore nature and enjoy amazing natural view during your adventure.


The COBS Year around Micro Cabins

This project was developed by students at University of Colorado Denver. There are so many rustic cabins like structures and micro house wonderfully designed to be used around the year.


Reading Cabin by Studio Padron

It’s a black compact reading cabin designed by Studio Padron hidden in woods. It has been designed with the intention to serve cozy one-room library and overnight accommodation for guests. There is a room for bed, an armchair and a small deck. Walls are filled with bookshelves whereas wood-burning stove keeps the room warm and cozy.

micro house designs

3D Printed Micro Home

It’s an amazing 3D printed Micro home designed by DUS Architects. Although it has only floor space of 8 Sq meters but it’s meant to be multi functional.

Forest Retreat in Chile

Designed by UNarquitectura and located in Curacavi Chile, this retreat is divided into two parts private and public. It adapts to a slope on which retreat stands.

The Minimod by MAPA

Designed by MAPA, Minimod is a cool and micro cabin house that is 100% prefabricated and can be easily transported to other site in one piece and again be assembled with ease. The retreat is superb weekend shelter and remote cabin-like module.

The Micro-House

Having an unusual geometric shape, The Micro-House was designed by Studio Liu Lubin. In order to create larger, multiple units can be stacked and combined to create larger structures.

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