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The first chandeliers that have been used are the one with the candles in Middle Ages and they could move from one room to another. But from that moment the chandeliers developed in more complex and interesting forms, different designs, shapes and they were the symbol of luxury and high status in society. In that time chandeliers were typical for castles and palaces, and there lived the richest nobility and the royal families.

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Today, with appearance of electric light, old types of chandelier were replace with modern and electric-only chandeliers became standard. But you don’t need to be as rich as people in the past had, that’s why every house has one chandelier. Because people’s creativity skills have advanced and developed during the time,you don’t have to go to the store to buy chandelier that’s fabricated but you can make the way you imagined it.

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To make plastic spoon chandelier use bottles of five or six liters, broke the handle of the spoon and stick it with a glue on cut bottle. The other way to create lighting is to use balloon. Inflate the balloon and start wrapping with the yarn, when you create the desired shape puncture balloon and your product is ready. For chick and vintage appearance of chandelier, rip out pages from the book with interesting text and images, and stick them on metal frame. You can also create girly and tender room lighting by using flowers or making the butterflies with a white or colorful papers. If you have some old bike parts make a completely new creation, and if you put several lighting bulbs you will achieve colored shadows when you turn on the light. There are a lot of different creations, you will certainly find the one you like.

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