DIY Bride Headband

Modern Hair Accessories

It’s been a very long since hair ornaments become an indispensable fashion accessory, and all the girls love to adorn their hair styles with it to make them look more beautiful and modern. Especially for those who hate to spend a lot of time to make and fix their hair for an opportunity and celebration, with this fashion ornament will look as you made such an effort, even if their placing on the hair is very simple and easy.

DIY Black Headband

DIY Flower Heeadband Tutorial

DIY Flowers

DIY Green Headband


Do not buy expensive hair ornaments when you can make as much as you need alone in your home with a little effort and time. Get material for work action and initiate the realization of your creative ideas. From the materials you need ordinary hairbands, colored strips for hair, beads, pearls, decorative bows and all that you can get very convenient and cheap.

DIY Red Headband

DIY Blue Headband

DIY Flower Headband

DIY Bride Headband


These decorations you can use in all possible occasions. For daily wear you can put simpler versions of these fashion accessories, you can create elegant design for the ceremonies and celebrations, make flower arrangements that will remind you of those who carried the hippies and “flower children”, and you can do both modern and loving decoration with sparkles and pearls that will make you the most beautiful bride in one of the most important days in your life.

DIY Romantic Headband


We offer you a few ideas and tutorials to make different shapes and designs of these head ornaments. For fashionable summer hairband with which you will decorate your hair in hot days use strips in three different colours and sew flower on it. To make chick and vintage decoration prepare gentler colors of materials and use pearls and diamond breads, so you will look like a lady. Flower hair ornament make using round wiry frame in which you will, with the help of glue, stick flowers that you can find in any store. We hope you like this project, that you will enjoy and have fun doing it and at the same time make something really wonderful.

DIY Creative Headband4 DIY Hair Tutorial

DIY Hair Design

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