Home Mini Water Garden

Build a Home Mini Water Garden with a DIY Pond Box

This small ecosystem brings water garden delight to your outdoor space. DIY pond box instructions for a tiny water garden at home.

Not enough space for a large water feature that is buried underground? Don’t give up hope. By constructing an ingenious pond within a box that can be placed on a tiny balcony, patio, or deck, you will still be able to take pleasure in your very own aquatic haven.


DIY Pond Box

Also, it is simple to construct. After the structure has been built, the planter part should be surrounded by rock and then filled with a combination of grasses and ferns.

The water should be adorned with beautiful items including a gazing ball and floating plants like duckweed and dwarf cattails that are displayed in a container.

What You Need

  • Circular saw or Handsaw
  • Rocks for landscaping or pea gravel
  • Wood screws
  • Drill
  • Water sealant
  • Scrap wood
  • Potting soil
  • Water plants
  • Plastic liner
  • 15 feet of cedar boards measuring 1×8
  • A gazing ball or additional decorations

1st Step

For the sides, cut 2 boards measuring 30 inches, and for the ends, cut two boards measuring 15 inches.

2nd Step

Using wood screws put together the structure of the exterior box piece. The internal dimensions should be measured, and boards should be cut to serve as a basis. This should be done, and then wood screws should be placed every six inches around the perimeter of the sides as well as the ends.

3rd Step

Make a divider out of an element of wood by cutting it and securing it within the box. The planting space and the pond space will be separated as a result of this. The planter portion of our box was one-third, and the pond portion was two-thirds.

4th Step

Water sealant

The scrap wood should be cut into four pieces measuring 1 inch by 2 inches. The sealant should be applied to one surface of each item. As soon as it is dry, attach a piece to each corner with the sealant facing down.

5th Step

Water plants

Place a plastic liner on the interior of the box, or utilize a water sealant that’s suitable for aquatic life. Both of these options are available. Take the time to properly read the sealant label, or consult with an expert.

More than the specified amount of coat should be applied to both the planter sides and the pond. Drainage can be achieved by drilling three holes along the bottom of the planter on the side.

6th Step

Plastic liner

Prepare it! After filling your planter and pond with water, fish, plants, and ornaments, you may relax and take pleasure in the results.

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