hunting can save animals

How Hunting Can Help in Saving Animals?

hunting can save animals

When one of my friends told me that hunting can be useful for saving animals, especially the endangered animals, I laughed at him loudly. I said how you can even imagine that you kill an animal to save more animals? But when I google it, I find various views and logic that proves that hunting is the best way to save endangered animals.

Here, in this article, I will discuss few points with my readers that how hunting animals can play a role in saving animals.

To understand the logic, first, you need to understand the difference between hunting and poaching. The only difference between the above two terms is the “permission”. We can say that hunting is the process of hunting animals when you have the license from the government or other relevant authority to do so, while the poaching is hunting animals without the permission or license of the relevant department.

There are rules and regulations for hunting in various countries, but many countries have no roles for hunting in their law. In the first step, if government legalize the hunting of animals by only having a license acquired by the government authority, the process becomes very slow because every single person can’t get the license. When people have the awareness that without license hunting is not allowed, and they can be arrested for poaching, there will be a major decrease in killing animals.

Then the government of such countries should have a proper system to save animals by allowing the hunting. Like the areas where more animals are found, I am not talking about the jungles, and people living there entirely depends on those animals to put food on their tables. The government should declare those places as illegal for poaching. Only licensed hunter can hunt the animals in those areas. By giving these licenses government should have laws that which animals they can hunt and for how much time, or how many animals they can hunt as per their license.


Only those people will get the license who has good money, and the government could raise a lot of funds by this system. The funds acquired with the license issuing should be spent on giving jobs to people of the same area from where the funds were raised. Even those people who were involved in poaching to get the food now can be hired to regulate the hunter’s activities in their area. When these people have jobs and money, they don’t need to kill the animals for only food. So it could save the endangered animals by giving license for hunting animals which are not in danger.

With proper use of right hunting gear, hunting the endangered animals for saving them is also a good idea. Places where animal species are in danger, and poaching can’t be stopped, hunters can hunt the animals (not for killing them, but for moving them to a safe place) to save them from poaching. Then these species can be brought to a safe land which can be built by the funds raised by hunting license.

On these secure places, the endangered animals can be provided with extra care. In this way, the endangered animals can be protected.

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