beast heavy basketball shoes

Why Heavier Basketball Shoes are Better For Players?

beast heavy basketball shoes

There is an endless discussion about the weight of basketball shoes. Most of the athletes love to wear the lightweight shoes because they believe that lightweight shows can help them in improving the stamina and it also helps them to jump high. Running speed is also a great factor that athletes consider and chose the lighter shoes for the game. But this is not true for every athlete, heavy basketball shoes also have its own importance. The decision of lighter or heavier shoes should be taken by the coach after doctor’s advice.

For kids who love to play basketball, they also like the lighter shoes, but according to our study, heavier shoes can benefit them in different ways. Here we will discuss some advantages of using the heavier shoes for kids, but again, you should select best kid basketball shoes after the advice of your coach and the doctor.

Heavy Basketball Shoes Avoid Injuries

Usually, basketball players are tall and slim, their bones are thin where they are at risk all the time of ankle injury. The players have to make sudden movements during the games, they don’t play with an average speed, sometimes they have to sprint and then suddenly they have to freeze themselves or to change their direction very quickly. These movements have a strong impact on the ankles and ankles needs a support in these cases. Yes, it is true that lighter shoes can help the players a bit to improve their speed, but with this, you need a better support for the ankles. This support can be achieved only by the use of heavier basketball shoes. So why would you take the risk of injury, which could also proceed to the surgery and can even ruin your whole career, just for the minor increase in stamina and sprint?

Heavier Basketball Shoes are Durable

It is useless to use the lighter shoes for long practice hours because they are not durable and you need to change your lighter shoes after every few games. Whereas heavy basketball shoes are made up of sturdy and thick material which last long even after lengthy and tired practice sessions. So using heavier shoes mean not only saving yourself from injuries but also you are saving your money. If the player is much conscious about the sprint and increasing the stamina than he must use the lighter shoes in crucial matches, while heavier basketballs shoes should be used for practice sessions.

Better Traction and Cushioning

Heavier shoes provide better cushioning for the bones in the foot. These bones have to give support to the whole body so some extra support for these bones by adding extra cushioning can give relief and reduces the injury chances. Then heaver shoes have better traction as well and there are fewer chances to slip while sprinting or freezing suddenly. Heavier basketball shoes with best traction and good cushioning are the biggest advantage of using these shoes rather than the lighter shoes.

We have discussed only a few advantages of using heavy basketball shoes, but you can google it for more advantages of using these shoes and what are the differences between the lighter and the heavier basketball shoes. It is not necessary that heavy shoes are also good for other sports. So you must take the advice of your coach and after proper examine by an expert doctor, you have to choose the best basketball shoes for you.

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