3d toys diy

How to Create a 3D Toy? DIY With Rapid Prototyping

3d toys diy

3D printing was a costly industry about a decade ago, but now you can buy a 3D printer at very cheap price and you can create physical objects based on your own concepts and requirements. Though you can buy best 3d printer under 1000$, even if you can’t afford a cheap 3D printer you can find local companies that use 3d printing near you and you can get their service by providing your own 3D concept model and get your object printed.

What can I Print with a 3D Printer

You can print almost anything that you can imagine and that you can create using best cad software for 3d printing. You can create toys for your kids, you can create mobile covers and pouches of your own choice for any mobile model. You can even create musical instruments, clothes, and even chocolates as well. The process is very simple and you can save a lot of money by printing the objects of your own choice as well as you can offer Prototype service to other people who don’t have a 3D printer.

Here are the few things you need to create a 3D toy:

  • 3D Printer
  • 3D Printer Software
  • Creative Mind 🙂

How to Create a Toy with 3D Printer?

You can create a 3D toy with the following few steps:

  • Find Reference Photo: The first step in creating a 3D toy is that you have to find a reference photo of a toy which you want to create. It is not necessary that you have to create exactly the same object, you can make changes according to your own imagination.
  • Build Basic 3D model: With Autocad expertise, you have to create a basic model of the object that you want to create. For this, some expertise are required so that you can use the 3D printer software to design your 3D object. At this stage, you will create a very basic model using the 3D modeling program. We can say that this would be a model which is based on different blocks.
  • Add Details: Now after creating the basic model, you need to add some details. this can be done by using the same 3D modeling software, it will give smooth and 3D shape to your 3D model.
  • Paint the 3D Model: Double check your 3D model and add more details if some details are missing. Once you are satisfied with your 3D model, you have to colorize it. Pain your object with your favorite colors.
  • Print your Model using the Printer: Now its time to print your model using a best 3D printer.

The final product will be a smooth and beautiful toy and your kids can play with it. In this way, you can save a lot of money that you have to spend to buy different objects from the market at high prices. When you master the whole process, you can offer your 3D prototype services to any firm or a local company as well.

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