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How to Decor with British Flags

London is the capital city of England, which has so many interesting places and sights to see. People who visited this city were enchanted and those who didn’t, are hoping that one day they will see this magnificent place. No one can explain why people adore this city so much, but they love it so much that they try to transfer part of London in their homes. The best way to do that is to look at Homemade British furniture ideas.

The most typical sights of London that people apply on their furniture at home, is the flag theme. You just need to buy blue, red and white paint, and everything is ready for your British style craft. Make the pallet British table for your living room or bedroom by painting the pallet with three mentioned colours. At the end put movable table legs and everything is ready to call your friends on coffee and gossip.

If you have some old boring furniture that you need to refresh use the paint to renew the old item and make something new and incredible. Decorate your wardrobe closet with British flag or buy some fabric that has flag pattern to change an old middle age chair. Make DIY flag mirror by just coloring some frame that you already have at your home. Find in store big flag poster and stick it with glue on bed’s headboard in your bedroom.

You may also make some ornaments like jars, pillows or storage boxes with British stylish theme. For those who would like to have wardrobe with the flag of their favorite country, can decorate denim jacket, bag or make some chick fashionable jewelry.

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