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How to Make a Pallet Bed? Step by Step Guide for Double Bed

Pallets have been used for years for packaging purposes and carrying different kinds of materials. However, for the past few years, people are using wooden pallets for various purposes like making pallets furniture, bathroom cabinets, outdoor bars, and more. Pallets are sturdy, simple with an elegant look, and fulfill your requirements while remaining on a low budget.

Last week, I created a double queen pallet bed for my room. So today I decided to share the ideas with you about how to make a pallet bed step by step.

So, Let’s get started and note down the tools and materials you will be needed:

DIY Pallet Bed Double Size

Tools & Materials

  • 4 Pallets- Size: 40 x 48 x 6
  • electric sander
  • sanding paper
  • bolts with washers and nuts
  • screws and angle irons
  • glue
  • wood lacquer or paint
  • goggles and gloves
  • screwdriver

You can make a pallet bed frame in your room only if your room is big enough and has a fresh air system. Otherwise, choose the backyard or any other open area. Keep in mind, it’s easy and simple only if you know some important DIY crafts techniques.

How to Make a Pallet Bed Step by Step Guide 2021

  • Wear goggles & gloves and start sanding the pallets with a sanding tool. Make it so smooth that you don’t feel rough when you touch it.
  • Remove all the dust and splinters.
  • Put the pellets in the position you want to design the bed.
  • For a natural look use wood lacquer or varnish.
  • Let the pallets dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Attach the pellets together in a square shape and glue them. Make sure they are perfectly aligned.
  • Instead of using bolts, washers, and nuts, you can use hinges.
  • If you are crafting a double-size pallet bed make sure to put 2 hinges on all 4 sides of the pallet frame.
  • On every long side and long corner, you can attach locking caster wheels for extra comfort.
  • Now set the bed in your favorite position, clean the room, put a mattress on it, and you are ready to enjoy!
Pallet Bed Design

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Another important tip is that you can place small led lights under the double DIY pallet bed for a more romantic and beautiful atmosphere. Apart from this, you can also use different kinds of decoration pieces to enhance the overall look of your room.

How to Make a Pallet Bed Step by Step Guide

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So now you have learned how easy is to make your own pallet bed in almost a single day. You can also involve other family members in this great DIY craft plan to create another bed for their room as well. For example, on the coming weekend, you can plan to make a twin pallet bed for your kids. Kids will be happy in making their own bed from scratch and you will also spend quality time with your sweet family.

During the project, if you face any kind of difficulties feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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