Back to School DIY Crafts for Boys

5 Best Back to School DIY Crafts Ideas For Kindergarten 2021

In most parts of the world, summer breaks are over, and kids are preparing to go back to school. It is the most exciting time for Kindergartens. Every kid feels excited because the wait to get meet to their old friends is about to end.

I still remember, when I was a kid, my Mom used to make different kinds of friendship cards, pencil toppers, and zipper pouches. Who can forget the smell of new books and the happiness of using new pencils and buying new water bottles? Indeed, those were the days.

Back to School DIY Crafts for Boys


You must have known that brand new things for kids like school bags, geometry boxes, and water bottles are available in the market. You can buy a lot of stuff for your kids but it would not be a wise decision. Buying ready-made stuff can not beat the happiness you will get from creating your own.

DIY Crafts Ideas For Kindergarten 2021

So today I’ve come up with the 5 best back to school crafts DIY ideas for kids. The ideas I’m sharing are easy to create and you can make a lot of cool stuff for your kids or to gift their friends.

1- Welcome Back to School DIY Photo Frame

Back to School DIY Photo Frame


Creating a beautiful photo frame is a great idea for your Kindergartens. Capture a photo of your kid with his/her best friend and put it into the photo frame. I’m sure your kid would love this and he/she will be more confident and happy while going back to school.

2- DIY Pencil Holder for Kindergartens

DIY Pencil Holder for Kindergartens


The DIY paper roll pencil holder is another great idea that your kid will love. When they have a pencil holder in their bag, they will never forget their stuff. Colored pencils, erasers, and sharpeners will look 2 times better when they are organized in a pencil holder.

3- DIY School Craft – Colored Water Bottle Cover

DIY School Craft - Colored Water Bottle Cover


The third DIY best back to school craft idea on my list is a colorful water bottle cover. You can design a beautiful water bottle cover of your kid’s favorite color. When your kid has a unique water bottle with a custom cover, he will take extra care of it and his bottle will not mix with another child’s bottle.

4- Pink Zipper Pouches for Your Baby Girl

Pink Zipper Pouches - DIY Back to School Crafts


Zipper pouches are not only perfect for your baby girl but also for baby boy. You can sew a beautiful zipper pouch in just 10 minutes. Your girl can use this pouch to keep pencils, notes, and any other personal item. Boys can also use these pouches to keep their favorite things in them.

5- DIY Back to School Friend Birthday Card Idea

DIY Friend Birthday Card Idea for Kindergarten


The last idea on my list is the friend’s birthday card idea. You know a birthday is always a special day in anyone’s life. Best wishes and beautiful birthday cards can make your friend’s day memorable.

Final Thoughts

So now you have many ideas in your mind. Choose the best one according to your kid’s personal choice and make his/her year more exciting and memorable.

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