How to Make Bird Feeder-DIY Wood Bird Feeder Ideas

If you are bird lover and enjoy bird watching in a natural environment then bird feeders can help to attract the pretty birds to your home. A couple of bird feeders strategically placed in your home can give you chance to enjoy a close look of pretty birds. Probably you are thinking about where to buy bird feeders and how much will it cost. Don’t worry! There are so many types and designs of bird feeders are available in the market and you can buy just by one click. Instead of buy bird feeders online, why not to make it yourself. As these are quite easy and interesting.

If you have some wildlife lover friends then you can give them handmade bird feeders as gift. Let’s come to the topic- I mean easy DIY bird feeders ideas. We’ve collected a list of homemade bird feeders which are very attractive and allow bird to get into your living place so you can have a close look of these beautiful creature.


Out of so many types of bird feeders, today I’ll share some attractive homemade cedar bird feeders ideas and I’m sure that its attractive look will inspire you to enjoy this DIY bird feeder project. This beautiful bird feeder has been made from western red cedar. After cutting wood into pieces as per bird feeder design, it has been sanded to make it smooth and give it a rustic look. Then these beautiful pieces of cedar wood have been assembled by steel nails and glue. Material required includes, western red cedar, glue, nails, plywood, wood and stain.

To make it water proof, it can be coated with stain. You can mount this homemade bird feeder anywhere in your home or your back yard. These attractive homemade bird feeder will surely attractive all sort of bird to eat and to watch. Let have a close look at homemade bird feeders ideas and enjoy it.


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For more watch below video to make bird feeder at home.

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