how to install tile flooring DIY

How to Install Ceramic Tile Flooring? Step by Step DIY Guide

Flooring in your house is very important and you need to decide what type of flooring you need. But when it comes to the bathroom, there is nothing better than a ceramic tile floor. You can easily install ceramic tile flooring yourself.

Here is a DIY step by step guide on installing ceramic tile floor:

Measure The Floor

You need to have an accurate measurement of your bathroom floor where you need to install the ceramic tiles. Don’t include the area that is covered by the bathtub.

This measurement is important because you need to know how many tiles you need for bathroom flooring. It will depend on the measurement of the bathroom and the size of the tile that you choose.

Choose the Ceramic Tiles

Now, you need to select the best ceramic tiles for your bathroom. You should consider the color scheme of the bathroom and the design of the tiles. With that, you also need to check the quality of the tiles because it is very important.

If you select the wrong tiles, the whole flooring will be useless. To choose the best tiles, you need to check these common mistakes when choosing tile.

Determine the Design Layout

Most of the tiles have a specific design and symmetrical pattern. You should determine the design layout of your selected tiles. Obviously, you would have a blueprint of the design but with that, you should check the layout according to the dimension of your bathroom.

You can dry-fit the tiles on your bathroom floor to check if the design is even or not. Another advantage of doing dry fitting the tiles is that you would know how many tiles you need to cut.

During this step, you should determine the center of the floor as well from where your tile flooring design should start. So that it looks even.

Cut Your Tiles

During the dry-fitting, you know which tile you need to cut and you have marked the tiles as well from where you need to cut the tiles. After determining the design layout, the next step is to cut your tiles using the tile cutter.

Prepare the Floor

Preparing the floor is very important for ceramic tile flooring. It is correct that ceramic tiles are hard enough and they are durable, but if the floor is uneven, the tiles will break down.

The base for the ceramic tiles should be hard enough and should be perfectly even. Use a concrete slab for ceramic floor installing as it is the perfect base.

Set and Fix The Tiles

To set the tiles you need to spread the adhesive on the floor. A waterproof adhesive is best for tile flooring in the bathroom because there is a lot of moisture.

Prepare the waterproof adhesive and spread it over the floor and then fix the tiles properly on it. Keep the design layout in mind and set the tiles according to your layout.

Once tiles are fixed properly, now you can apply the grout as well on the tiles to seal any gaps between the tiles. If you don’t use the grout properly, tile flooring will break down after some time.

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