Ladder Wardrobe

How to Reuse Old Wooden Ladder

Redefine purpose of old ladder and you will find out how many useful and creative ideas you can use to make your house or department more beautiful. Once, the ladder had only one use and that is to take or place something high, but now there are so many possibilities for the old worn ladder. You can use them in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, office room and create so many unique ladder interior designs.

Every homemade ladder project is easy, and all you need to prepare is wood ladder and some tool like saw, pallet plank and paint if you want to have colorful furniture. To create ladder wall shelves for books, just cut ladder on two parts, make a holes in wall with drill and put metal holder that will be connected with ladder with screws. You can also make put pallet planks on ladder and you can use it like shelves which can be decorated with ornament, flower vases, photographs and other items.

Make DIY ladder cloth ranks where you can organize all your wardrobe and also create shelves to settle shoes. You don’t have to spend money on expensive worktable, when you can make ladder wood desk in your working corner. Use ladders to make wine bottles holder or light ladder chandeliers.

You can choose to leave the rustic and native look of ladder or you can paint it in different bright colours. There are so many ideas for home DIY ladder decoration and if you have ladder somewhere in garage or you can get them from your family and friends, don’t miss to create something by yourself.

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