How to Transform Old CD Basket with a Painted Wicker Basket

How to Transform Old CD Basket with a Painted Wicker Basket

Greetings, colleagues! This post has been a long time coming, but I’m finally able to show you how to make a Painted Wicker Basket from an old CD holder for my guest bathroom.

For several years, I’ve kept the same tiny basket in the guest bathroom on the back of the toilet. It was time for a change, and it needed to be something bigger than before.

The subject for this month is to use paint to alter something. I enjoy taking on projects like these since a simple paint job can transform an object altogether.

How to Transform Old CD Basket with a Painted Wicker Basket

Baskets Made of Painted Wicker

  • White Latex Paint (Craft Paint) — I used this color.
  • I really like the Craft Brush Short Angle Paint Brush.
  • 8 mm Beads from a Craft Paint Palette – my colors come from a similar mix.
  • Gloves made of blue nitrile
  • Glue gun with a hot setting

For far too long, I’ve kept a small basket on the back side of the toilet. I was sick of it, but I couldn’t seem to find a solution.

When this challenge was presented to me, I realized that I had an old basket for CD storage in the office closet that had probably never contained any CDs. I was storing my travel toiletry packs in it. It’s ideal!

Prepare Your Basket For the Project

1. Cleaning your basket is the first step

1. Cleaning your basket is the first step

It’s possible that your basket has become dusty over time. Remove any dust by washing or brushing it off. Allow it to thoroughly dry before using.

Even if you buy a brand new basket, give it a light dusting to ensure that the paint adheres. This is where I began.

2. Pick a paint color that you like

2. Pick a paint color that you like

I had intended to use Metallic Rose Gold crafting paint that I had purchased for a different project. I felt it would be excellent because of the glitter.

3. Add some color to your wicker basket by painting it

3. Add some color to your wicker basket by painting it

I chose a color, poured some onto a round paint palette, and started painting with a pointed crafting brush.

It was visible, although it was only a minor variation from the wicker basket’s original brown. I wasn’t sure it would work out, but I persisted and finished painting two-thirds of one side.

That didn’t work out either. I despise it when it happens, but mistakes do happen. I wanted a colorful basket, so I whitewashed it completely. The outside received a thicker layer than the interior.

Work with a small amount of paint at a time on the brush. This will prevent it from becoming too heavy in one area and generating drips.

I began pulling colors from my craft paint shelf to evaluate while the whitewash was curing. I was unable to make a decision due to analysis paralysis.

To keep on, I experimented with a few different colors to determine which one I preferred.

Gold Trigger Metallic Cream Green Flash Ceram coat Navy Blue Frosted Glass Wedding

I knew which ones were out the moment they dried. The hue I chose is one of my favorites. Frosted glass is very gorgeous, and I already had some matching craft stuff.

I finished mine by using Metallic Pearl White crafting paint to paint the trim.

4. Add a little bling to it

4. Add a little bling to it

My painted wicker basket still needed something additional, even with the new paint job. I realized that I had purchased a pearlized bead mix that would be ideal.

I sorted through them to find hues that would go well with the Frosted Glass. In the inset woven portions, the 8mm size fit wonderfully.

Using a hot glue gun, adhere the beads to the front in a pleasing design.

I’m really pleased with how it came out. I’m still undecided about if this is the look that I wanted for the bathroom that will be sued by the guests. I’ll give it a new look one of these days.

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