Jeans Hacks - Denim Backpack

How to Use Old Denim Jeans for DIY Crafts?

If you have a couple of old jeans in your wardrobe, then do not throw them away because you can create several denim crafts for different purposes. Obviously, there are a lot of denim upcycling ideas you can follow to spend your spare time in a useful way. You can make many home accessories like denim shirt pillow, snack bag, handbag, apron, slippers, rag rug, backpack, and many more.

I always love DIY crafting. You know it is the best because you can make a lot of home accessories for free. All you need is some spare time.

So in today’s article am sharing unique and straightforward jeans crafts to make some beautiful home interior decoration pieces.

Old Jeans Crafts for Home Decoration:

1- Jeans Hacks – Denim Pillows:

Jeans Hacks - Denim Pillows


Making a pillow cover from old jeans is a very unique and trending jeans hack these days. You can make a pillow cover from your old jeans in less than an hour. All you need to do is search on Youtube for a denim pillow tutorial. You will find several videos. Watch a couple of videos, and you can make stylish denim pillow covers.

2- Jeans Hacks – Fashionable Shorts for Girls:

Jeans Hacks - Fashionable Shorts for Girls


Throwing your old jeans is really a bad idea when you can make fashionable shorts out of them. Making trending shorts is a straightforward old jeans crafts. Search on Youtube for Sara Beauty Corner. You can find a lot of videos related to DIY jeans crafts.

3- Jeans Hacks – Wall Mount Phone Holder:

Jeans Hacks - Wall Mount Phone Holder


One of the biggest issues this generation facing is securing their gadget while charging. But you can get rid of this problem with the DIY jeans craft wall mount phone holder idea. If you do not have any idea of how to make a gadget protector using old jeans, then search on the internet. You can find loads of ideas regarding how to make a wall mount phone holder.

4- Jeans Hacks – Denim Backpack:

Jeans Hacks - Denim Backpack


Your old denim jeans is great for making a backpack. However, making a backpack might be difficult for you if you are not a DIY enthusiast. But don’t worry YouTube is your best friend where you can find many tutorials on how to make a denim backpack in less than an hour.

5- Jeans Hacks – Denim Apron:

Jeans Hacks - Denim Apron


You can make many useful crafts with denim, and a denim apron is one of them. It is one of the straightforward jeans hacks. You can make a durable apron with your old jeans. For help, you can watch videos on youtube or read some step-by-step guides on the internet.

6- Jeans Hacks – Handbag:

Jeans Hacks - Handbag


Handbags are necessary. Whether you are going to college or the market, carrying a handbag is essential. Making handbags from old jeans is one of the best jeans DIY ideas in 2021.

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