Immerso is transparent-roofed cabin for glamping under the Stars

Italian architects Fabio Vignolo and Francesca Turnaturi has created a modern temporary shelter called Immerso. Immerso is a new and surprising way of experiencing nature.  This prefabricated timber housing module takes four people, just two hours to erect easily on site without need of any electric tools. It keeps 65 sq ft 6 square meters internal area and a transparent-roof cabin for a different camping experience in the Italian mountain.


The interior of the cabin keeps a double bed enough storage space and a coffee table.  Habitants can breathe in pure air and enjoy great outside views as two extra-large front doors open outside. There is no insulation and heating provided inside therefore warm bed and sleeper may be required to face the cool weather.



“Immerso is a unique project of its kind,” says Fabio Vignolo and Francesca Turnaturi. “Immersed is a temporary and contemporary shelter. Immersed is a new and surprising way of experiencing nature.”


 The structure of Immerso interlock together piece by piece and no experience is needed to do this, by using a series of CNC-cut birch plywood panels. Tools are only required to fix the front double doors and transparent perspex facade to the outside of the shelter. Through the quick erecting method the structure can also be easily removed, packed and transported to different sites.

 “The traditional building material of excellence such as wood, which is readily available on the market, is combined with the innovation of material technology and prefabrication to obtain a concrete result in the field of architecture and construction, with the aim of contributing to a more sustainable future,” says the duo.

Immerso offers visitors to engage themselves in nature by choosing an ideal location. The choice of location thus reflects this concept, offering guests a unique camping of starry skies in the pristine Italian Alps and untouched surrounding landscapes.

 “The project expresses in a constructed form the ever-increasing need of Westerners to live in close contact with nature, to DIVE into it, to pull the plug from everyday life and the stress of urban life,” say the architects.

Vignolo and Turnaturi hope to further improve their Immerso shelter in coming years, they aimed to convert it from a temporary shelter to a more permanent, dependable structure through CNC technology and rapid archetype.


Immerso  tour can be booked by tourists through  Airbnb, with prices starting at US$89 per night.


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