How to Get Back to Nature

According to a many researches moving close to nature, improves physical and mental health which endure for a notable period. The health benefits are likely thanks to factors such as, social engagement and physical activity that come with living near green spaces. It also improves emotional wellbeing. Being outdoors increase your energy, good for eyesight, natural sunlight reduces pain and boost immune system. Here is a complete guideline to learn how you can get close to nature so, stay with EasyDIYandcrafts.

Building a forest house

Living close to the nature has always been a heaven where humans feels healthy, fresh and at peace. Construct a forest house using natural materials instead of industrial materials. The goal is to build house using simple technique which could not further pollute the environment .Good use of natural light and air may be made possible by the design of building.Your home should be designed in such a way for the most part of a day, the sun should be able to light it. Provide sliding glass doors or big windows which you could keep open during the day to let the air and light come in. Giving a natural look to your home will not be completed without using wood in your home. Bring this factor to your home by placing wooden furniture and other ornaments with rustic look. Natural beauty looks in its rawness and you could add this to your home by giving your walls a look that you would find in old houses.

Horse riding

Horse riding is a nice physical activity .It strengthen you muscles, improve core strength, self-confidence and enables you for a challenging life style. It increases socialization and provide best opportunity for a mental exercise. It is a nice way to get close to nature which provides better chances to being outdoors.

Cattle farming

 Another way to enjoy nature is cattle forming which keeps financial benefits also. Taking care of cattle, feeding them and milking are amazing activities to experience .Milch cattle are used for the production of milk and draught cattle are used for labor. By cattle farming you can get pure milk, meet and eggs and many other benefits.

Birds keeping

Beautiful, colorful, singing birds are blessing of God. Keeping birds encourage social interaction which is good for mental health. It keeps mind sharp and active. Birds have long life span as compared to other pets that’s way they are good companions.

Here are many people who don’t understand how keeping a bird caged is a pleasant idea, bird catchers often keep beautiful species within tiny cages.

Someone can’t imagine life without hearing their beautiful song or watching their elegant flight. Birds are beautiful, intelligent, sociable and cheerful animals they bring life, melody and happiness to our home.

Growing organic food and vegetables

“Nature knows best. “Is the fundamental concept of home gardening? It provides safe and healthy foods therefore this is a policy of a long term money saving. It provides you physical and mental benefits. It helps to improve the environment and decreasing the chances of go faster disease in your family.

By feeding the soil, the organic gardener starts from the soil not the plant. Organic gardening helps to prevent soil contamination, water pollution, death of insects, birds and other beneficial soil organisms

Organic gardening provides for intense, realistic flavors in your food, as well as higher vitamin and mineral content as compared with conventionally produced foods.

Make a swimming pool

Swimming keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the effects of stresses away from your body, builds endurance heart fitness and muscle strength. It helps maintain a healthy weight and muscles. This is a good physical activity, as all of your body works while swimming.

Outdoor shower

Outdoor showers have many advantages, especially for people who spend a lot of time outside. If your day of beach combing, boating, or hiking has left you dirty and sweaty, it’s a good idea to wash off before entering inside to protect your white porcelain tub from all the sand, grime and dirt from outside. This can be availed simply by extending the plumbing pipes from inside and you don’t need to install new ones.


Outdoor Party

In the cool weather at evening and in the close to nature atmosphere, there are many great reasons to refer towards outdoor party. You can serve nice food and treats in a smaller budget. As you are using your own place for the party, you can have more control of the event.

  Your place is easy to locate, if you are inviting relatives and close friends to the party, most of them probably already know where you live. You can then get rid from the hassle of giving complicated directions to the venue.

Your backyard can provide a more intimate setting. A familiar environment makes for a more intimate gathering especially if it’s among close individuals. As it is your own place, your guests will feel more at home and comfortable during the party. With a wise planning you can host an event that is memorable and enjoyable for everyone.


Cycling is an outdoor physical activity which means your muscles, blood veins heart and lungs get a workout at same time. The health benefits of regular cycling offer increase and flexibility of muscles, improve mobility of joints, decrease fats in body, increase heart and mental fitness .Furthermore, you will breathe deeper resulting increase body temperature to improve overall health of body.


You will enjoy many health benefits if you are a camping addict. When you spent more time near to nature within a lot of trees, you take in more pure oxygen. The lack of stress is related to the rise in oxygen level in body. Sunshine put great effect on your body when you are in direct sunlight. You are taking enough quantity of vitamin-D which helps your body to absorb phosphorus and calcium. In these ways, camping helps you to live a healthier and long life.

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