Inexpensive mini horse shelters

Pallet horse shelter:

Hello people. I am here today with another blog that you will absolutely adore. So I have more exciting ideas about pallet shelters. Do you have some futile pallets? Pallets are not always discards. Turn them to use by making horse barns which will be simply perfect for your pet horse. If you sincerely care about your horses or pets then you need to build a shed right away. Your pets need a shelter and pasture too. Grid up yourself to use wood for the good of your pets. Moreover, this will promote the recycling of pallets which is, in return, better for our environment.

Making shelter for horse:

In order to make a shelter for your pony, you need make a pallet fence covering the three sides. On the fourth side there should be a wooden gate(if required). After all this assembly make a roof for covering the shed. The roof can be horizontal or slanting. This depends on your requirement.

This is a pallet mare shelter perfect for your pony.




This is a wood-o-fabric horse shelter. It is called so because of its roof is made out of fabric.



This shelter has a horizontal roof and steel doors and this will sustain in plain areas easily.



A stunning one.horse4


This is a small portable shelter for your pony.


A spacious barn suitable for a group of horses.





Sheds in a row.




This is one of the most top rated shed for horses.




One thought on “Inexpensive mini horse shelters

  1. Live in a four season country. Need a shelter for 2 horses. Summer time is bug season that includes horse flies that leave welts, mosquitoes, flies and sand flies. So we need a shelter that will keep out bugs and or can be kept dark with tarp doorways that the horses can easily go in and out on their own.

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