Woody fence designs

Pallet fencing ideas:

Hello folks. Do you want to build a fence which costs you nothing? Yes, you can build zero dollar fences by using pallets. The style of the fence depends on the way you slice the pallets and then assemble them. If you want to make your fence really unique then paint it with perky colors. You can also make it look trendy by painting it with dull colors. The fence of your house reflects your taste.

Making fences:

In order to make any kind of fence cut pallets in vertical and horizontal slices. Then bolt them to give the shape of a fence.


This outdoor fence covers the borderline of your house and makes it look more beautiful. Moreover, it serves a protective boundary too.




The dog fence would be great for dogs or goats and it can be very easily made. It is very sturdy. It is super cheap and can be reconfigured too.




If you have a backyard then this fence will make look it more dashing and inviting. Put some plants near the fence to make it look prettier. You can also use dark pallets to make the backyard fence as this will add to attractiveness of the yard.




This light woody fence is perfect for your coffee area or your deck.





You can build a short fence and place it around your plants. This is good for the protection of your plants.



You can build a modern fence for your house which will make your house look more prevailing. This fence also has spacing for plants. You can also fit light bulbs in it too.




This eco fence is made by slicing pallets in squares and then fastening them together with the vertical slices. This fence is fit for your backyard too.




Use dark colored pallets to build your  play-area fence to make it look embellished.



This pallet fence decorated with vivid flowers looks simply awesome.




Make your balcony look more appealing by using this balcony fence.


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