Innovative pallet planter designs

Innovative pallet planters:

Bonjour! I am here to give ideas to you to decorate your garden with pallet planters. Planters can simply be made using pallet pieces. They serve as a holding place for your plants. Different kinds of plants can be adjusted in different sections of your planter to give it a good feel.

Making planters:

To make a planter , simply take a pallet and clean it off. Then cut it into pieces of various sizes to make the stand and then bolt them together. Paint your planters too to  make them look awesome.

Here is a planter made using light colored wood.

This planter is nicely fixed in the wall so that it does not cover any extra space.

This one is good too for implanting small seedlings.

This is a grounded planter which is half above the ground and almost half below it.

This innovative planter is decorated using colored and recycled soft drink bottles which makes it look unique.

A cluster of rainbow planters.


A cool photo of a planter with some nice flowers planted in it.



This can be called a Planter house literally.

A good planter design having artificial plants in it.


I wrap this blog here. Stay in touch for the next one.

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