Pallet computer desks



Hello folks . I am again here with another nice post which tells you about how to make computer desk by using pallets. Your computers play an important role in your life so they deserve a good place for staying. These pallet desk do a very good job by placing keeping your computers in a well structured space.

Making the desks:

It is very easy to make computer desks from pallets. You just have to clean the pallets. Remove all the unnecessary parts. Then cut them into suitable sizes. One piece for the horizontal top of the table and the other two pieces placed on the sides which need to be bolted tight. You can polish your desk afterwards to give it a finishing look. You use painted pallets to make your table so that it looks more beautiful.


This table looks very antique and original as it is not polished and not painted but is suitable if you want to put the computer desk in your living room corner.

Another nice table perfect for computers in study room.

This one is somehow good as it is made of dark colored pallet and it seems to give a more finishing look.


A table embellished with apple computer.


I hope you enjoyed it and will stay tuned in for the next blog.

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