Innovative Plastic Bottles Recycling DIY Ideas

You can do a lot of DIY Fun with plastic bottles. Do not throw away them and learn plastic bottles recycling DIY ideas. These ideas are simple, easy to learn and budget friendly. You can make lot of useable things just by recycling plastic bottles. Here are some unique plastic bottles recycling ideas for you.

1-DIY Trash Can made from Plastic Bottles

It is a wonderful idea to recycle old plastic bottles and make a trash can from it. A trashcan is dire need of every home. There is no rocket science to build a trash can from plastic bottles. It is just assembling of bottles nothing else. Visit this blog for easy homemade trash can step by step instructions with pictures.


2-DIY Toy car from Detergent Bottles

This detergent bottles recycling idea is dedicated to your lovely kids. All the time you are purchasing toys for your kids from market but this car has been made from detergent bottles, that’s why its an innovative car. This idea has been wonderfully elaborated at this blog. Please visit for step-by-step instructions to build your toy car from detergent empty bottles.

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3-DIY Plastic Recycled Gardening Planters

An other wonderful idea to recycle old plastic bottles to make gardening planters from it. Most recommended is to make hanging planters from empty plastic bottles. These planters are so rustic easily hangable which will elevate your home look. You can hang it anywhere in your home and enjoy gardening. For complete DIY recycled bottles planters instructions, please visit this blog.

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4-DIY Cell Phone Holder from Plastic Bottle

Almost all family members now have cell phone in their pocket. Obviously all need cell phone holder to keep safe their cell phone while on charging. So do not throw away your shampoo empty bottle as you can make cool cell phone holder recycling shampoo bottles. Check this blog for complete tutorial to make your own cell phone holder from.


5-DIY Chair built from Plastic Bottles

It is one of most popular plastic bottle recycling ideas. A chair built from plastic bottles is lightweight and wonderful looking. You need to collect a large number of empty bottles. Instructions to build a chair from plastic bottles have been wonderfully explained at this blog. Visit and make a comfortable chair recycling plastic bottles.


6- DIY Kids Airplane from Plastic Bottle

Kids get ready! I’m going to share with you a wonderful idea to recycling plastic bottles and built a toy airplane. An airplane. Only few items like plastic bottle, scissor, duck tape and pen are required to build kids airplane from bottles. A complete step-by-step DIY kids airplane tutorial is available at this blog. Visit and enjoy kids craft.


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