DIY Table Branches

Insanely Tree Branch Home Decor

People who prefer in their homes natural material of furniture will be amazed what you can do with tree branch. This project will show how to move nature in your house or department and make insanely interesting decor of wood branch. Branch can serve you in so many way that you will be inspired in a moment to create extraordinary ornament.

Before you start to make decorative items for you interior, you must prepare wood branches. Depending on the project that you choose, find the required shape and sizes of branches. For some products you will need large and for the others you will use small tree branches, and you can also cut same size of branches or completely different in order to realize your idea.

A branch can be used to make big wood divider for your room, to separate rooms, but will seem like an unusual art work to all who will see the result of your project. You can cut same sizes, for few or as much as you need, branches to make coffee table in the living room and attach them with wires or ropes very strong so that it can be safe place to stick glass on it. The similar way you may use to create a resting wood chair.

Imperfectly cut tree branches you can use to make lamps, chandeliers, or rod for hanging clothes on it. Make the ladder of wood and hand on pictures that will remind you of the beautiful moments and memories.  If you want to achieve rustic look in the kitchen, use branches to make legs for table, which can be tine or thick. Do not skip this interesting wooden ideas that can provide something unusual and beautiful to home atmosphere.

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