Keep Wagyu Beef Fresh

How to Keep Wagyu Beef Fresh at Home? Useful Tips

What is Wagyu Beef?

The Japanese Wagyu cow breed is responsible for producing some of the most prestigious cuts of beef in the world. Its high demand stems from its gorgeous marbling, softness, subtle texture, and robust flavor.

Over the course of thousands of years, these animals have been selectively bred to produce wagyu and steak with exceptional marbling and a high-fat content (over 20%).

However, you need to know how to store and preserve it in the kitchen if you want to use it to its maximum capacity. The key to maintaining the flavor and quality of real Wagyu beef is proper storage and handling.

Get ready for us to spill the beans on the best ways to keep your Wagyu steak in the fridge! Doing so will make you a sustainable superhero while also extending the time you can enjoy it.

How to Keep Wagyu Beef Fresh in the Fridge

1. Do not wash before use

After visting the grocery store, many individuals wash their beef thoroughly. Is washing meat before keeping it a must?

Experts often say no. Even after a thorough washing, bacteria may still be present in the beef; proper cooking is the only way to eradicate them. Beef washed too often could alter its flavor and shorten its shelf life in addition to introducing new microorganisms.

If you plan on freezing the beef, it’s best not to wash it first.

2. Cut the beef into pieces before storing

The most detrimental part of preserving meat is exposing it to temperature changes, which is especially true for beef. Switching between cold and warm temperatures can promote bacterial growth in meat. Only remove meat from the fridge just before cooking to keep it from becoming bad.

To make sure you only use what you need while the rest of the meat stays fresh and delicious in the fridge, cut it into pieces before putting it in.

Read our blog post on Sizzling Meat: Different Wagyu Beef Cuts for Thin Slicing if you want to know how to slice meat properly.

Here you can check out the list of our essential appliances for the kitchen.

3. Mention the “Use-by” date on the wrapped packages

The way meat is packaged affects how long it stays fresh in the fridge.

A few simple rules for Wagyu beef storage:

  • Retain the meat in its original packing until ready to consume if it is vacuum-packed. Meat that has been vacuum-sealed can be stored for much longer without removing the wrapping.
  • For beef that isn’t vacuum-packed, the rules change slightly. Before placing the meat in the fridge, place it on a plate and cover it loosely with plastic wrap. The meat won’t “sweat” if it’s surrounded by ventilation.
  • To freeze the beef, cover it snugly in plastic wrap, making sure not to let air get too close to the meat. While this won’t hurt the meat, it will greatly alter its flavor due to freezer burn.
  • Either put a sticky note on the plastic container or write down the date of purchase or when it should be eaten. Because then you won’t have to worry about whether or not the meat you found in the freezer a few months ago is still fresh and edible.

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