Keeping its Egg Shape Updated Ecocapsule Tiny House drops its Price

Ecocapsule is a Bratislava, Slovakia, European Union based tiny house brand which incorporates solar and wind energy to fulfill power requirements. Through its innovative and sustainable design, it makes possible for you to stay at outdoors with comfort and peace like a hotel room. It can become a caravan, an outdoor shelter, pop-up hotel, remote office and research station. Scratch materials have been used to create this tiny house.

The firm has included a new model of Ecocapsule to its line up called the space which is a semi off-grid micro-unit with latest features .The Space comprises 4.67 x 2.2 m (15 x 7.2 ft) and 8.2 sq m (88 sq ft) floor space. The initial version is equipped with storage cabinets, walls and flooring. The exterior has white fiberglass shell, which covers its steel frame.

The interior of the Space is more basic and seems better suited for outdoors, as a spare bedroom or an office. As standard, its interior contains just one room with flooring and storage space. Additional furniture, a bed, bathroom and air-conditioning unit are optional extras .The Space is electrified by a 200-W solar panel array which is mounted on a small telescopic pole and connected to batteries. By using a standard RV-style hookup, the house can also be connected to the grid.

Basic price for The Space by Ecocapsule is €49,900 (about US$55,000) however the original Ecocapsule model starts at €79,900 ($88,000) and deliveries are available worldwide for both models.


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