Knaus introduces Travelino concept caravan

Knaus intoroduces its Travelino- lightweight concept caravan

We have already looked at the multipurpose Deseo 400 TR camper trailer which is one of our favorites of 2017. But Knaus is again back with equally impressive travel trailer. Named as Travelino Skyview concept, a light, compact caravan that slides a tint-adjustable picture window between campers and the great outdoors so they can enjoy a restful night of sleep behind dark glass before waking up to clear and clean views of the sun mountain-climbing. Showing how light constructions techniques, folding and sliding equipment can create a small camper trailer but living larger, The Travelino was itself a concept just a few year ago.

Knaus introduces Travelino concept caravan


Keeping in view to design a lightweight travel trailer with new materials and construction processes, The Travelino relies on a self-supporting FibreFrame, fiberglass walls, roof and structural elements, expended polypropylene (EPP) furniture; and a weight-optimized micro-galvanized chassis with torsion rod spring axle rather than to use traditional caravan frame building materials.

Self-supporting nature of its FibreFrame frees up interior design possibilities as the furniture will no more contribute to the structure of lightweight travel trailer, flagging the way for more varies and flexible interior layouts’ Knaus explains. The Travelino was the first model of travel camper using these new materials and techniques to create a lightweight travel trailer when it was introduced in 2016. However the Deseo was another chapter in the lightweight camper trailer “revolutions”.

With the concept Travelino Skyview, Knaus is finding out new ways to make a tiny lightweight travel trailer but feeling even larger and more open. The occupants can simply adjust the electrochromic glass made window and particles with button press to allow more or less light in so that occupants can set it to the darkest setting if they want some privacy or a restful sleep.

Knaus may not offer a large, fancy electrochromic window option yet in production Travelino however it’ll be versatile camper trailer made easy towable. Having sleeping space for four, Travelino weighs as little as 1650 lb (750 kg), a kitchen with dual-burner stove, 80-litre fridge and sink, LED interior lighting, a bathroom with toilet and much more. The Travelino price starts from 18,499 (approx. US$22,800). See more photos of luxury travel trailer.


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