autonomous delivery vehicles

Nuro introduces its autonomous delivery vehicle

[metaslider id=6517]Nuro has done something different as it has introduced its autonomous delivery vehicle. However we’ve already seen the ground-based delivery drones which are typically little things designed to travel on sidewalks along with pedestrians. Nuro autonomous delivery vehicle has been made to go on the road like  regular car and announce as getting US$92 million in Series A funding behind it.

autonomous delivery vehicle

Nuro was founded by Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu. These both were previously principal engineers with Google’s self-driving car project (Waymo). Other team members have joined from different companies such as Apple, Uber, Tesla and GM.

Only fes details have been disclosed about the delivery vehicle; however Nuro claims it to be a fully autonomous, built from ultra-light materials and has a width equal to half of a passenger car. As it has been intended to use within neighborhoods so perhaps don’t go looking for it on the freeway.

autonomous delivery vehicle

Apparently it looks that cargo things are loaded at one location and then driven to a recipient at another location. It means that it’s not unlike some of the self-driving grocery delivery vehicles.

“We started Nuro to make products that will have a massive impact on the things we do every day,” says Ferguson. “Our world-class software, hardware, and product teams have spent the past 18 months applying their expertise to deliver on this mission. The result is a self-driving vehicle designed to run your errands for you.”

autonomous delivery vehicles

No comments about when the Nuro autonomous delivery vehicle will hit the market however more can be viewed in below video.


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