Living Room Design

A Complete Guide to Living Room Designing

The living room is the second most essential room after the kitchen. It is where to spend time relaxing, watching movies with family, reading a book, entertaining guests, and many other things. Therefore, this room must be in top-notch condition.

It can tell a lot about you and your personality. Therefore, it can be an excellent idea to use interior design experts when designing it. It may be challenging to design the living room if you know so little about it.

However, with the help of experts and a little knowledge of how to do it, you are safe to go. We have outlined a guide to help you when designing the living room to make it the perfect room and something your guests can envy.

Plan the Layout and Measure

The first and most crucial thing to designing your living room is knowing the measurements and the layout you want. These two things will affect every other decision you make.

Your living room design, from windows to rugs, furniture, and everything else, will depend on the measurement and the layout you choose. Therefore, measure from corner to corner and have an idea of the perfect layout.

Pick the Style

The next important thing is being clear on the style. What do you want the room to look like? Modern, relaxed, inviting, formal, minimal? When you know the style you want, it is easy to pick items that match it.

Think about what you will be doing in the room, if you like watching TV from there, how many people will use the room and such. It will be a good idea to explain this to experts and ask for help from dSpace Studio in Chicago. They are experts in interiors and everything you need to make your house look perfect.


You can now start shopping with the measurements, layout, and style. Go for the sofa first and when choosing one, think big. The sofa may be the largest item in the living room and the center of attention.

So, think and research before picking one. We advise going for large items first and placing them in the room. This way, the living room will not look disjointed. Make sure the sofa is comfortable and the most affordable one at the moment.

Consider Wall Décor

Don’t leave bare walls. You will need to add character by using art and other decorations. If you are unsure what to hang, look for a large piece of art that matches your style. You can also place a mirror to reflect the light and illuminate the interiors.

Mix Up Upholstery

It is a great idea to buy matching upholstery. However, it is even better if you mix up the upholstery. If you have chosen a formal style, matching the upholstery can be a good idea if you want that mature look. However, we recommend mixing up if you want to set a cozy and inviting mood.


There are many ways of decorating a living room in Chicago. The most important thing is choosing a style and buying items that match the style. Avoid being too complicated by choosing large items and planning before you start.

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