How to Make a Simple DIY Gun Cabinet With Plywood?

Because you spent a lot of money on your pistol, it’s only fair that you treat it well. A gun safe cabinet is also necessary. As a side note, if we want the gun to last a long time in its safe, we need a dehumidifier.

However, the cost of gun cabinets is steadily rising. Make your own gun cabinet if you find many on the market too expensive.

You’ll discover that making gun cabinets isn’t as difficult as you would think. To begin, you must first determine the exact measurements of your rifle in order to estimate the size of your gun cabinet.

You can keep your rifles, guns, pistols, or your ammunition like a 300 Winchester magnum in this beautiful, yet simple DIY gun cabinet.

Making the Cabinet Frame

For the front and back of the cabinet, you’ll need two pieces of wood. As this will be the side of the safe that is visible until the cabinet is placed against a wall, you want the nicer-looking portion to be upfront.


Start working on the back of the cabinet using the piece of plywood that doesn’t look as great as the front. Set and secure a side panel flush against it so that just the edges would come into contact with it.

Every six inches, screw on the side panel. Make sure you do the same thing on the other side. Screw the top and bottom panels into place next. The second piece of plywood can be glued six inches below the first. This will ensure that the cabinet does not lean.

Gun Holders

The cabinet’s frame is finally complete. After that, the gun holders will be cut from wood. Measure and cut two pieces of wood to 6 inches broad by 2 feet long by 2 feet deep. Make a shelf out of one of the wood pieces by gluing it six inches up from the base.

The other piece of wood should be cut with six 11 slots to retain the barrel of the firearm. The final piece of wood can then be glued in place six inches below the top. This is where you should keep your guns in order to keep them upright.

Cabinet Door

In the case of the gun cabinet door, you can choose how you want it to open and close. The same plywood pieces can be used as a cover. However, you’ll learn how to build a cabinet with a glass front in this design.

Installing the hinges is the first step in ensuring that the door locks properly. At your local hardware store, you can find a high-quality set of hinges. It is necessary to use two hinges on the frame’s one edge, each six inches apart. When you have the front plywood piece, measure four inches from each edge.

When you connect all the dots, you’ll have a giant rectangle in the middle. Make a plexiglass frame out of the plywood by cutting along the lines.

The plexiglass can now be attached. Of course, it should be 6 feet high, 4 feet wide, and 2 feet deep, just like the wooden front. If you need to cut plexiglass, you can use a jigsaw.

The plexiglass should be glued to the frame’s sides. When you open the door, you’ll notice that the wooden frame is facing you. As a last step, fasten it to the hinges. Once you’ve placed the door, you may also add a safety lock on the side to keep your firearms out of the hands of criminals.


The gun cabinet you built yourself has you all but set. Sanding and painting it, on the other hand, will give it a more polished appearance. Sanding can also remove splinters that could injure you when you try to reach for your gun while you are doing so.

The shelf, inside, and gun holders of the cabinet should be sanded down. Apply a primer to the surface before painting. Apply a second coat to ensure a uniform appearance. The DIY gun cabinet should also be given a glossy sheen by applying additional lacquer.

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