off grid living shelters

Living Vehicle off-grid Mobile Home

Matthew Hofmann has been working for around a decade to design mobile living spaces and has a long line of vintage trailer conversions to show for it. By launching their new Living Vehicle the firm envisions to craft a mobile home from head-to-toe, designed to entice outdoor enthusiasts toward sustainable and mobile living for extended periods of time.

off grid living shelters

Living Vehicle 27 ft (8-m) frame has been designed to ride off-road with five-inch tube rigid aluminum frame finished with aluminum exterior, giving it the glistening appearance of Airstream trailer looking like a boxier. The firm says that it has been designed for the folks who looking for full-time home for long-term mobile living.

The Living Vehicle mobile home has capacity to sleep six. There is a convertible double sofa and hidden EuroLoft-style bed that folds into the ceiling by way of an electronic switch, in addition to a queen-sized memory foam mattress in the bedroom. A 32-inch LED TV along with four-speaker sound system with Bluewooth connectivity has been installed in living area.

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The kitchen includes stainless steel sink, two-door refrigerator and gas stovetop. Hiding the pull-out drawers and overhead storage cabinets, a full size floor-to-ceiling pantry has been installed in kitchen. The bathroom features a skylight, lovely wooden detailing, radiant towel warmer and rainfall shower head.

Making it a mobile living place for four seasons, Hoftmann Architecture has fitted it out with doubled-paned windows and insulation. The Living Vehicle also features the plumbing, heating and ventilation system.

If the owner wants to get convenience of grid-connections and municipal water supplies, a 600-W solar array can be mounted on the roof along with a 24-V lithium battery bank and 4000-W inverter. A Wi-Fi and LTE antenna are installed on the roof to get nearby internet or cellular signal and then to distribute it wirelessly throughout the vehicle.

The firm says that this self-contained Living Vehicle could support two people living off-grid for a month or longer. Living Vehicle price starts at US$129995 but deliveries available in spring (US) of 2018.

You can hear more from video below.


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