make sugar at home

DIY Making Jaggery at home

Dear visitors today I want to share with you an easy DIY jaggery making idea. Farmers save some sugar cane in their fields after selling a lot to the sugar mills. At the end of the season they juice out from the sugar cane through a small rolling machine. Once a sufficient sugar cane juice is available, it has been put over the fire over a light flame of dry sugar cane. It takes many hours to make the sugar cane thicker. Then the thicker sugar cane is divided into the pieces (each 70-100 gram). Homemade jaggery is good for health as compared to the white sugar because its ingredients are pure. No chemical is used to make it. You can put dry fruit in it and enjoy a wonderful taste of jaggery because its gift for winter. Below is the pictorial view of complete DIY jaggery project.

home made sugar from sugar cane

DIY jaggery making

how to make sugar at home

make sugar at home

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