Living Vehicle’s Net Zero offers Luxurious Off-Grid Living

Mathew and Joana Hofmann have a vehicle design studio at California and they have designed 100% off grid and net –zero mobile home called vehicle 2020.This is luxurious mini apartment having unique shell made from pure aluminum. Mathew Hofmann says that this vehicle is sufficient and supports life completely.

Off grid living

The living vehicle 2020 is 27.6 ft(8.4m) long and 8 ft(2.43m) wide, having 220 sq ft(20.43 Sq m) internal area and accommodate up to six adults. The mobile home is made by pure aluminum including frame, chassis internal and external structure. The floor comprises an open living, dining, kitchen ,luxury bath room and master bed room.



The vehicle is designed for all year use and equipped with 1200 watts clean solar power.12 Roof mounted monocrystalline solar panels are linked with 3600 Watt power inverter that can generate 8.7KWh electricity. The solar panels used in this vehicle are five (5) times lighter than the rigid solar panels most common in the market, each panel weights only 7lbs (3.17 kg).The ultra thin solar are also designed to impact resistant and bear forces from falling debris.




The curved roof provides the unit with an effective rainwater management system and moisture protection, a tankless water heater is provided to supply hot water to each fixture in all seasons. The designer has provided a luxurious bath room with a sky light to give the feeling of showering under the sun or stars. The rainfall shower head quickly converts to a low flow shower set up when operated off grid.


The mobile home is equipped with self supported, fold down deck that provides an external extension, linking the indoor area to outdoor area. The deck is designed to protect the sliding glass door area while traveling on the road.   The living/dining area is provided with elevated double bed, small table and sofa convertible to sleeping mattress .The mobile home looks like a mini apartment equipped with full kitchen, large fridge, oven and dishwasher.


Price for living vehicle 2020 starts at US $ 199,995.00 and buyers have the choice to include additional features from series upgrade packages. First deliveries scheduled for March,2020.

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